Who we are

In the spirit of how our journey began, our aim is to remind people about their connection to the planet and their fellow human, and to fasten our collective’s values and authenticity at the forefront of everything.

Making Progress evolved organically through a personal and continuous journey towards improvement.

In essence – it is the very tool we use to piece the personality of your brand into the ever-evolving landscape of global consciousness and ethical consumerism. Through this discovery process we will ensure that your brand connects to your audience.

Through genuine and soulful connections – we’ve created and nurtured a virtuous circle of shared knowledge and opportunity. It’s an ever growing, elevated community of conscious creatives and strategic partners who share our vision in making the world a better place.

Meet the Founder

Michael van den Berg

Founder, Visionaire & Squad Leader

“If I can be a beacon to help people access the infinite potential and universal possibility that exists within them, or I can remind someone about their connection and relationship with the planet and how their actions and intentions affect the world around them, then that is what I’ll do.

Making Progress is a concept I try to embody in all aspects of my life. It’s my continuous pursuit for improvement, along with my personal experiences that have led me to this point.”

With a full spectrum of perspective from his journey through life, he is a ponderer. Often about the secrets of the universe, or the perfect transitions of colour in nature. He also claims that he can space travel in his sleep.